Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor - Nordic Semiconductor is at the forefront of this wireless revolution having single-handedly pioneered the ULP wireless sector during the 1990s. Today, due in large part to Nordic's persistent efforts to continually develop, enhance and expand the reach of ULP wireless, a version of ULP wireless connectivity called Bluetooth low energy has now been adopted by the open standards group behind Bluetooth wireless technology: the Bluetooth SIG. As such, Bluetooth low energy will shortly appear alongside classic Bluetooth in almost every new cell phone and Bluetooth-enabled device.
Nyeste produkter

Nordic Semiconductor Thingy:91™ Multi-sensor Prototyping Kit is ideal for kickstarting a cellular Internet of Things project using the nRF9160 SiP.

Dato: 2019-08-22

Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160 Development Kit is for cellular loT development with LTE-M and NB-loT and GPS functionality.

Dato: 2018-12-12

Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 USB Dongle is a small wireless hardware device with nRF connect for the desktop using nRF52840 SoC.

Dato: 2018-08-30

Nordic Semiconductor nRF52811 Bluetooth 5.1 Direction Finding SoCs take advantage of the latest and greatest features of Bluetooth 5.1.

Dato: 2018-02-26

Nordic Semiconductor nRF52810 Bluetooth 5/ANT/2.4GHz SoCs feature a powerful CPU (ARM Cortex-M4), and supports key Bluetooth 5 features.

Dato: 2017-10-16

Nordic Semiconductor Thingy:52 IoT Sensor Development Kit is designed to build IoT prototypes & demos without building hardware or firmware.

Dato: 2017-07-05

Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 Multi-Protocol Wireless SoC supports Bluetooth 5 / BLE, ANT, 802.15.4, and 2.4GHz proprietary protocols.

Dato: 2017-06-01

Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 Multiprotocol SoCs are powerful and highly flexible making them ideal for Bluetooth® Low Energy, ANT and 2.4GHz ultralow-power wireless applications.

Dato: 2017-05-01

Nordic Semiconductor nRFready Smart Remote 3 for the nRF52 Series is a complete Bluetooth® low energy enabled remote control reference design for today’s media centers.

Dato: 2016-08-30

Nordic Semiconductor nRF52 Development Kit is available at Mouser and is a stand-alone development kit for developing Bluetooth Smart, ANT or 2.4GHz applications.

Dato: 2015-12-16